Skate Team Riders


Bobby Ballard

Years Skating: 9 years

Set-Up: Krooked 8.25, Indys, Reds, Bones STF

Favorite Music: The Doors, Black Sabbath, The Kinks

Favorite Video: Baker 3

Other Interests: Older Women

Thanks: Ma and Pa, Simon, Rich and Dave, Beer , and all the Flagstaff and Oncore Homies

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John Goins

Years Skating: Since about the 5th grade

Set Up: Toy Machine Bro style grip, some Pig wheels, ideally Indy trucks, and gotta have them bone Swiss.

Favorite Music: You know I back them oldies.

Favorite Video: All ze Adventure Times

Other Interests: Benching trains, coffee, making art, anything that's rad

Thanks: I thank everyone. If it wasn't for everybody, I wouldn't be who I am now.

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Sean Wilson

Years Skating: 13 years

Set Up: 8.25 Real board, 52mm Bones STF wheels, 147 Thunder Trucks, Bones Reds bearings, MOB grip

Favorite Music: Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Crookes, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Metric, The Strokes

Favorite Video: This is Skateboarding, Yeah Right, A Happy Medium, Ride the Sky, Fully Flared

Other Interests: Playing guitar, writing music, graphic design

Thanks: God, Mom and Dad, family and friends, Rich Phillips and Dave Hilton, all the Foxglenn locals.

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Snow Team Riders


David Hendershot

Years Riding: 4 years

Set Up: Rome Artifact, Union Force Bindings, Nike Kaiju Boots, Crab Grabs.

Favorite Music: Black Sabbath and Folk Punk

Favorite Video: In Search of Animal Chin, Givin, The Headstones

Other Interests: Skate, Surf, Adventure

Thanks: My dog Bailey, Oncore, and Overthrow

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Jess Tennyson

Years riding: 12 years

Set Up: GNU Ladies Pickle / Union trilogy binding

Favorite Music: Hip hop, electronic, indie rock, & funk? I go through phases.

Favorite Video: Capita: Defenders of Awesome (esp. Scott Stevens' part)

Other Interest: Art/Design. Also food.

Thanks: Dad & Sandy, Rich, Dave, ONCORE, Zeal Optics, Overthrow Clothing, Volcom Snow, and all the homies:)

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Matt Coldren

Years Riding: Like... 14?

Set Up: Academy PropaCamba 150 or Academy Icon 150 with Flux TT's

Favorite Music: You already know... anything that slaps

Favorite Video: Anything that Videograss puts out is heat

Other Interests: If it isn't winter, riding/building fixed gears, and some skateboarding

Thanks: Oncore, Academy Snowboard Co., JSLV, Rad Gloves, Skatinonem, mom and pops, all the rest of the homies that I've been lucky to meet just because of snowboarding.

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Tyler Harris

Years Riding: 9 years

Set Up: Salomonder 148, Flux RL bindings and Salomon launch lace up boots

Favorite Music: Classic hip hop, gangsta music

Favorite Video: Shoot the moon, Bon voyage, crazy loco, homage

Other Interests: Adventuring.

Thanks: Oncore skate and snow, mom, pops, my baby sister, salomon snowboards, all the filmers who sat behind the lens and the editors who put it together. And most of all thank you snowboarding.

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